Building Information:

USD 504 BOE Central Offices    
719 Fourth Street
Oswego, KS  67356-0129
Ph# 620-795-2126
Fax# 620-795-4871

Oswego Junior-Senior High School
1501 Tomahawk Trail
Oswego, KS  67356-0129
Ph# 620-795-2125
Fax# 620-795-2130

Neosho Heights Elementary
100 Oregon Street
Oswego, KS  67356-0129
Ph# 620-795-4541
Fax# 620-795-4591

Service Valley Charter Academy
21102 Wallace Road
Parsons, KS  67357-0129
Ph# 620-421-3449
Fax# 620-421-3640

Contact Faculty/Staff

If you would like to contact a faculty or staff member directly, the best format to use is email.

All faculty and staff email addresses are formatted in the same way: First initial, last name,
(e.g. John Smith =

Chris Ball – Industrial Technology/Athletic Director

Roberto Barrera – Spanish

Cathy Campbell – HS English

John Case – Jr High & HS Science

Mollie Clugston – Jr High English

Angela Cooper – Secretary

Beverly Elliott – Business

Matt Fowler – PE, HS Football

Tracy Fuller – Secretary

Lynette Goddard – Phsychology/Counselor

Eli Harper – Art

Arlen Harris – Jr High Social Studies

Sarah Kelly – HS Science 

Kerri Matson – Special Education

Angie Norris – HS English

Janna Olson – PE/Health

Jennifer Schenker – HS Math

Rob Schneeberger – Principal

Maureen Schofield – FACS

Jeff Schreppel – Goverment/History

Lynn Shepard – Jr High Math

Chelsea Strickland – HS Math

Curt Thomas – Band/Choir