Superintendent’s Message

Superintendent’s Message:

It is a privilege to serve the Oswego-Service-Valley USD 504 School District. As our schools excel, the Board of Education continues to look to the future with positive changes by developing relationships and providing the necessary curriculum and technology that will maximize our ability to educate all students.  Public education is an avenue to change lives, address poverty and achievement gaps, and to challenge our very brightest to utilize all of their abilities.  We are excited about playing such a critical role in the development of our youth.

Our teachers will continue to challenge our students by using the very best teaching strategies.  Each of our schools use collaboration time to look at instruction and how we can better serve our students.  We continue to examine research-based instructional strategies in order to make sure we are on the cutting edge of instruction. We live in a technological age and are committed that students learn through the use of technology.  We will continue to infuse additional technology into the classroom in order to prepare our students for the challenges of the future.  We continue to work diligently towards our goal of a 1:1 technology initiative district-wide. In fact, our Jr.-Sr. High School building may accomplish this goal during the 2018-2019 school year. The 1:1 technology initiative is only one of the steps that we will be implementing in the area of student instruction. We will work as a team in order to better serve the needs of our students.

We expect all students to reach their full potential and contribute responsibly in our society. As we pursue our mission, we invite and encourage the participation of our constituents.  We know it is critical that we strive to build lasting relationships with students, parents, staff, and the community.  Each relationship must be nurtured in order to achieve superior results.

The Board of Education has always encouraged school staff to motivate students by providing the necessary skills for their success. With this in mind, the Board continues to support new programs, actively encourages technology education, and promotes the development of learning plans that meet the individual needs of each student. 

We, as a district, continue to set the bar high to ensure our students are ready for the 21st century. Research-based cutting edge instructional programs, technology embedded learning, and staff that care about the success of all students make Oswego-Service Valley USD 504 a great place to be. It’s great to be an Oswego Indian! 

Douglas Beisel


Prairie Life

Prairie Life

The 6-8th grade students explored SVCA one-acre prairie on Friday. Mrs. Robison is using the curriculum from the Earth Partnership with Schools to teach her students about the life of a prairie. The students were split into small groups and marked off a different location throughout the one-acre prairie. Each group charted any signs of life within their designated area. Students will be journaling about observations, setting up a game camera when visible signs of nesting are located, and tracking life throughout the different seasons of the school year.

You could hear excitement from each group as they explored their assigned area. Students quickly discovered the importance of a prairie habitat being home to many species of wildlife. The SVCA prairie may not look well-manicured, but it is supporting wildlife, protecting the soil, capturing carbon dioxide, and producing oxygen. Students will be doing experiments in different locations of the prairie throughout the winter weather. They are going to learn about the root system of the prairie and set up experiments to determine if the prairie is beneficial to not only different types of wild life, but also helping to serve as a wind block for SVCA school campus.

Mighty Milers Awards

Mighty Milers Awards

Mighty Milers is a running program for kids of all fitness levels. It’s designed to get kids moving and prevent obesity and illness. Our schools ran for around 4000 miles this last school year. With hard work and commitment we hope to eclipse the 4000 mile mark this school year. Really proud of all the hard work our students put into this program last year.