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On Monday , students in Miss Smith's 3rd grade class read the book, "Chrysanthemum," a story of a young mouse that is bullied by her peers because of her name.  Each time a character from the story teased Chrysanthemum, the students wrinkled the giant red heart to represent Chrysanthemum's feelings.  At the end of the story Miss Smith and the students tried to "fix" the wrinkled heart but . . . read more

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Watching the Weather!

Neosho Heights second graders have spent the last week learning about the weather. In our weather unit, we covered several Common Core Science, Math and ELA Standards. Each morning we recorded the weather and graphed it on a chart, along with several other weather activities. Working in groups, the students were able to . . . read more

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Oswego Junior High Riverside Park Project

The Oswego Junior High School is currently working on a cross-curricular project involving Oswego’s beautiful Riverside Park. The seventh and eighth graders spent a morning in early September, collecting leaves from all of the different species of trees in the park. They returned to the school where, under the direction . . . read more

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