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Third Times a Charm!

   The Kindergarten class made our first attempt at incubating eggs right after spring break.  Mr. Cruse brought in a dozen eggs and we put them in the incubator. We decided to wait to candle the eggs until day five.  By day five you should be able to see blood vessels, which lets you know the egg has been fertilized and a chick has started to grow.   We closed all the curtains, turned out the . . . read more

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Neosho Heights Visits Caney Safari Zoological Park

Last week Neosho Heights Kindergarten through Sixth Grade students enjoyed a wonderful trip to Caney Safari Zoological Park in Caney, Kansas. The trip was divided into three days, so each group of students could enjoy the zoo to the fullest.  The tour guide took us through many exotic animal habitats and explained how the animals . . . read more

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Service Valley Students Get a "Small" Taste of The Civil War.

    Jim Huff, life long history buff, and father to principal Ray Huff, came to visit with our American history class and demonstrate the firing of a mountain howitzer, 1/4 scale, civil war era replica. Mr. Huff has been building replica civil war cannons for fifteen years. He has done all of this in his spare time as a . . . read more

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