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Pioneer Day

It was  Tuesday , the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break.   Students and staff alike were ready for the five-day vacation.  In order to make the last afternoon fun and disguised with a little learning, SVCA had their bi-annual Pioneer Day activities.    The morning started out with Mr. Huff reading the story, Stone Soup by Marcia Brown to the all K-8 students.  The . . . read more

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Cattle Round-Up

SVCA students learned an important lesson about how cattle owners keep track of their cattle through branding.  In order for a rancher to show they own the cow, they must put their “mark” on it, much the same way we put our name on our school supplies or back packs.   Without a brand, if cattle went . . . read more

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Happy Pig Day!

This week the SVCA first grade class celebrated the coolest farm animals ever, pigs!  We learned pig vocabulary, like swine and shoat.  We observed our three stinky piggie friends at school and we even moved items like a pig would, with our snouts!  Finally, we chose our favorite pig of all, Wilbur from Charlotte’s . . . read more

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