Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the counselor tell anyone what we talk about?
A: In most cases, what is said in the counselor’s office stays in the counselor’s office. However, when students disclose information that the counselor needs to pass on in order to keep the student or another person safe, then the counselor is required to tell.
When can I come to the counselor’s office?
I will be at Neosho Heights Elementary School on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will be at Service Valley Charter Academy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you need to see me on a day that I’m not on campus, please let a teacher or secretary know and they will call or leave me a note. I’ll check in with you to schedule a time.

September's Big Idea - Initiative

I’d like to introduce you to The Big Three! Each month the students will be learning about one big idea that will help them to achieve each of the big three every day! Check out the monthly Big Idea link for information and videos you can use at home.

The Big 3

Be It Poster

Family Newsletter


Adventures with Artie: Initiative

Thinking Big: Initiative

October's Big Idea - Contentment

Be It Poster – Contentment

Family Newsletter

Big Idea at Home

Big Idea in Books

If you’re cruising the public library this month, here are some awesome titles that connect to our Big Idea!

Quotes on Contentment

November's Big Idea - Cooperation

Be It Poster – Cooperation

Family Newsletter

Big Idea at Home

Cooperation Animal

Quotes on Cooperation

December's Big Idea - Compassion

Be It Poster – Compassion

Family Newsletter

Big Idea at Home

Big Idea in Books

Quotes on Compassion

January's Big Idea - Self Control

Be It Poster – Self Control

Family Newsletter

Big Idea at Home

Video: Thinking Big – Self Control

Video: Adventures with Artie – Self Control

February's Big Idea - Service

Be It Poster – Service

Coloring Sheet – Service

Big Idea at Home – Service

Family Newsletter – Service

Big Idea in Books – Service

Why the Animal – Service

Quotes – Service

March's Big Idea - Individuality

Big Idea at Home – Individuality

Family Newsletter – Individuality

Coloring Sheet – Individuality

Be It Poster – Individuality

Big Idea in Books – Individuality

Why the Animal – Individuality

April's Big Idea - Hope

Big Idea at Home – Hope

Family Newsletter – Hope

Big Idea in Books -Hope

Why the Color – Hope

Quotes – Hope

Why the Animal – Hope

Be It Poster – Hope

Adventures with Artie: Hope

Thinking Big: Hope

May's Big Idea - Perseverance

Big Idea at Home – Perseverance

Family Newsletter – Perseverance

Big Idea in Books -Perseverance

Why the Color – Perseverance

Quotes – Perseverance

Why the Animal – Perseverance

Be It Poster – Perseverance

College and Career Links

The following sites are links to guide you in career exploration and college searches.